Day #239 The morning after*

7:00 am: Stretch arms up and out while getting dressed. Oooh, surprisingly not feeling last evening’s workout in the abs. Legs not sore either! Yay!

7:01 am: Why are my legs, arms, and abs not sore? They should be sore. I actually tried to do all the exercises right and I’m out of shape so everything should be sore. WHY AM I NOT FEELING SORE?

7:02 am: You know what, it’s ok. This is good. I’m far too busy today to deal with being sore and uncomfortable. It’s fine. I’ll try harder next time.

8:10 am: Ok, off to creche with the toddler in the stroller. Thank god it’s not raining.

8:15 am: crying toddler crying toddler crying toddler crying toddler why oh why did mommy not let him bring his stick to creche with him crying toddler crying toddler oh my god he’s still crying why won’t he stop crying I look like a horrible mommy please stop crying it’s only a stick and you can play with it again when you get home this evening I swear I didn’t throw the stick out oh my god he’s still crying he’s still crying about the stick still crying still crying still crying

8:25 am: Wow, do you hear that? That is the sound of no crying. That is the sound of me going to work to do adult things that don’t involve any crying. Usually.

8:40 am – Change into work clothes and sit down at my desk. Stretch again. This is nice. The calm before the storm. I like this. Feel all grown up and like I can accomplish things.

8:42 am: Get up from my chair


*If you’ve come here looking for salacious content you’re going to be sorely disappointed. It’s not that kind of “morning after”. 

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  1. Yeah…..nothing like the afterglow of a strenuous workout…..😝

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