Day #171 Shrubs!

Let’s talk about hedges today. They can be as fun as flowers! I love the look of tidy, lush hedges with sumptuous green and texture, but although the little organiser in me shudders at the mess, another part of  me also likes to see hedges with contrasting colours.IMG_20170623_082726IMG_20170623_082108This hedge surprised me by suddenly blooming, which I did not see coming. I’ve been admiring the bright yellow for weeks now never knowing there were flowers in store!IMG_20170623_083035IMG_20170623_083019IMG_20170623_082922Then there’s this hedge. I photographed it previously when these red flowers first bloomed, but the little purple petals are new to me and really give the blossoms a Chinese lantern look.

IMG_20170623_083625IMG_20170623_083650IMG_20170623_083639And then there’s this inexplicable shrub (tree?). It’s bizarre and looks exotic and nearly out of place in a Dublin street. Initially the blossoms look like tight little rosettes, then the branch turns into looking like a bright hairbrush. What is it?






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