Infinite #100happydays

About the blog…

This blog grew out of an unexpectedly successful #100happydays photo challenge, which is why the posts are numbered and why this blog is subtitled “Infinite #100happydays”. But I want to emphasise that this isn’t about infinite happiness, or trying to be happy all the time. As I said in one of my posts, no one can be happy all the time. No one can be happy for 100 days in a row. No one should be happy that much all the time because then the concept loses meaningfulness and importance. We have to have our challenges, our trials, our upsets and disappointments, our dark hours and days in order to really appreciate our own happiness. I found the heart of the #100happydays project to be seeking out those counterpoints, whether they come in big things or small. It’s not about being happy all the time. It’s about accepting that you can’t be happy all the time and finding or reclaiming joy in the everyday things we often overlook as we get bogged down with the minutiae of our lives.

This blog was launched on Day #106 (19 April 2017) if you’re looking for that particular starting point. However I will slowly be adding backdated entries over time to get the whole project into one place.

What is the blog going to be into the future? I’ve decided to keep on posting daily for 365 days, after which I will cut back to a minimum of one post a week. As for content, it’s going to be whatever it is I want it to be at that time, really. It’s my creative space. A place to muse and enthuse and, occasionally, to rant. A place to showcase my toddler’s artistic talents. It might be a bit philosophical one day and a hard core mommy blog the next day. Tongue-in-cheek silly and then serious. At the end of the day, it’s here to make me happy, not to stress me out, so the rules are what I make them.

All photography on this blog is mine (and occasionally my husband’s), unless otherwise noted.

About me…

I am Russian. And American. More recently also Irish. A long-term expat. After many years of living abroad I have come to realise that I am unapologetically a New England girl at heart. However, these days I make my home in Ireland. Why? Because many. many years ago, I met an Irish man and the rest, as they say, is history.

However, since I am also much more than my passport, I am also a knitter, a crafter, a reader, an Excel spread sheet enthusiast, dark chocolate lover, tea snob, obsessive- compulsive, college graduate, workaholic, somewhat nerdy, slightly crazy cat lady, night owl, not-a-morning-person, and loads more. I am also mommy of an indefatigable toddler known as Hawkeye, so some of these hobbies have suffered as of late.*

*The fine print: This list is not exhaustive and subject to change without warning due to life experiences. Nothing in this blog should be taken as anything more than my own views on life, the universe and everything. 


Please feel free to contact me about anything you read on this blog and I will try to respond. However, please note that any abusive or harassing messages will be reported. Also please remember that democracy belongs in politics, not on my blog. Here I run a benevolent dictatorship and comments or messages not to my liking will be ignored. Because life is too short to stress about my blog.