Day #155 Behold the future!!! (of this blog)

This post is a short self-reflective pause. A public service announcement, if you will.

I have enjoyed blogging massively so far. Some days are a struggle, other days I have trouble stopping writing. I definitely want to continue. However, posting daily is a huge time commitment that I really can’t afford. I have other projects (and laundry) that are being neglected, and I don’t want this to become a source of stress. However I also don’t want to hear that whispering voice of self-doubt in the back of my mind that scaling back the posting schedule is really some sort of cowardly surrender.

I have found a compromise that I am happy with. It’s tough enough to shut up my inner whispering Wormtongue, but something that, given how far I’ve come, I think is achievable. I’ve decided I’m going to post  daily until I hit #365 days.

A whole year of daily posts feels like a good place to summit. If I can hit that, the plan will be to scale back. At the moment I am thinking of setting a minimum of one post per week, and more if the time and inspiration are there.

So that’s the plan folks – 155 days down, 210 more to go…

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