#380 Coming back

Hello friends

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. First it was the new house, then it was getting used to the longer commute, and then it was just fatigue. Mostly, though, I realised I couldn’t find where to make space for writing in my new life. I have been using a laptop for many years and am quite used to mobile computing, but now more than ever in the new house, the lack of my own work space has begun to drag me down. My laptop, old and slow at this rate, has begun to feel like a chore to open up and wait for it to load. Having a fast computer and two monitors at work makes me feel inefficient at home when I do find the wherewithal to boot up my laptop and wait forever to get my browser to begin responding. So while the words sat locked behind my lips, multiplying and festering and clamouring to get out, my hands sat idle. With a new house, there is always something else to do, something else to clean. With a longer commute there is always the desire to just do nothing in that little bit of spare time in the evenings. I’m cycling some days now on my commute so there’s definitely the desire to just crawl into the shower and then relax after the small person is in bed.

So there I was, a writer with words but not will to give them an outlet.

It is time to begin again. I am not planning on going back to writing daily. I am going to try to set a minimum of one post a week, even a small one. I have a shiny new toy which I hope will help encourage me to just bust it out and start typing wherever I feel like. But most of all, I have an unbelievable amount of pent up thoughts that I can feel slipping between the figurative fingers of my mind as time passes. After more than a year of writing steadily, I still see life around me in a narrative form.

I sat down today to start typing and I was actually overwhelmed because I didn’t even know where to start. I have had so many thoughts about home ownership now that we have been settled into our new house for almost 6 months. Hawkeye is growing ever taller and older and and opinionated in all the good ways. I am on a short trip to the US. There are things happening at home and in the world that leave me wanting to write write write but facing a blank page after so many months away has been unexpectedly daunting. So after some mild panicked searching of the recesses of my brain for what story to start with (I’m instantly blanking on everything, of course) I decided to just leave it at this. A little intro to my return. I will start trying to capture my thoughts and whatever story decides to emerge first will be what I throw up on my blog, in no particular order.

So hello again, friends. I hope to see you all around again regularly.


  1. Yay! *virtual high five + hug*

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  2. LA


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