Day #253 Derailment

We apologise for the interruption, but this evening’s service of steady, measured, insightful writing will instead be supplanted by slightly inappropriate frivolity.

I did actually have a plan for tonight’s post. It involved a particular tree and some childhood nostalgia, but instead I accidentally got sucked into an epic Facebook debate in a group for my high school’s current and former students. It was fierce and got bitter and nasty toward the end. Nominally, it was a discussion about wealth, privilege, conspicuous consumption, responsibility, goodness, character, hard work, and so forth, but really,Β really, was just about hypocrisy and moral grandstanding and devolved into outright name calling. I have therefore had my fill of serious for today.

So instead of a literary essay, have a photo of some oddly shaped desert. This was from a cafe I was at this morning on my way to work. I think maybe it’s meant to look like hearts if viewed from the top looking down, but as things stood, the presentation of the desserts pointing toward the line of customers filing past gave a totally different sort of impression. So tell me, what doΒ you see here?


  1. Do you really want to know what I see?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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    1. I try to subscribe to the philosophy that one should never pose a question to which one doesn’t want to hear the answer. Having said that, if you feel certain discretion is warranted I direct you to my message form which is around here somewhere… 😁

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      1. See, that’s what I like about you!!

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      2. You like that my curiosity makes me a glutton for punishment? πŸ˜‚

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      3. You think outside the box…..

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      4. What can I say… Boxes make me feel claustrophobic?😁

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  2. unconditionalparentingspectrum

    hilarious!!! πŸ˜€

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