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Day #269 When did that happen?

“When did his feet get so big?” I asked The Mister today when we were out shopping for wellies. His first pair of wellies! I kept thinking to myself. “I dunno. I mean, we keep feeding him, and he keeps growing. Maybe that’s our problem?” What stunned me today is that when I zeroed in on…

Day #267 Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve: thankless parenting choices

SCENARIO A: This morning should have gone something like this: get up at the usual time and stumble through my morning routine come back into the bedroom to help get toddler dressed, ready for creche, and out the door with daddy finish getting dressed for work in peace and quiet. The end result would have been:…

Day #265 Autumn (and piglets!) come to the zoo

So… that zoo trip over the weekend that I casually alluded to a couple of days ago when talking about getting up close and personal with a duck. Here are the highlights, because I can’t get over how much I’ve gotten invested in keeping track of the animals we see. And it was beautiful to…

Day #262 Up close and personal

We were at the zoo again today. I’ll spare you the details write about the details in another post, but there was one thing on our way out that deserves its own story. We were on the way out at the zoo’s main entrance and exit, which is a wide platform with a deck-like extension…

I was discussing my post on my childhood memories of Russia with my mother the other day when she said to me "I have no recollection of Mama cutting up brown paper to use in the bathroom. Are you sure it was brown paper?"

"Yes," I replied. "It's one of my most vivid memories."

"Strange," my mum said. "I remember her singing while cooking, and sitting at the sewing machine, but not this."

"But surely you remember extended periods of not having any actual toilet paper available, right?"

"Oh, yes!" she assured me. "That was definitely the case, especially toward the end when we were there, it was very hard to get toilet paper anywhere. In fact, toilet paper was considered the best gift you could bring with you to a dinner party at that time. Much more appreciated than alcohol or cake!"

Postscript for Day #255 “Childhood Nostalgia”