Day #269 When did that happen?

“When did his feet get so big?” I asked The Mister today when we were out shopping for wellies. His first pair of wellies! I kept thinking to myself.

“I dunno. I mean, we keep feeding him, and he keeps growing. Maybe that’s our problem?”

What stunned me today is that when I zeroed in on a pair of wellies, my first response was “ah he’s still too small for these.” I picked up a smaller pair that I thought looked about right while Hawkeye clambered up on top of a seat, and I held the sole of the rubber boot against his current shoe.

The rubber boot was almost half the size of his sneakers. Holy crap! I thought to myself.

I know this is normal. I know I will always feel like this. I will still be feeling like this when he’s off to his first day of big school in a couple of years. I will still be feeling like this when his age hits double digits. I will still be feeling like this when he starts secondary school. Hell, I know I will still be feeling like this when he’s off to college and no longer living at home. I know that it is the lot of parents to see their children off while thinking to themselves Holy crap, when did that happen?

As we approach Hawkeye’s third birthday, I’m thinking this a bit more than usual. It’s a beautiful emotion, making me elated and awestruck and sad at the same time.

Yeah, I’m feeling sappy right now. Here, for some extra sticky sweet sap, photos of him from the first month of his life. The one on the left was taken a little over a week after he was born, and the one on the right about three weeks.

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