Day #260 Spring to Fall

The most beautiful part of the autumn (for me, at least) seems to fly by almost instantly in Ireland. Being from the heart of leaf-peeping country in New England, I miss the extended season of the glorious riot of reds and oranges splashed everywhere, lining the highways and surrounding our house. It is true that living in the Dublin city centre makes this worse as there are fewer concentrations of trees around here, but nevertheless even in parks it never quite feels adequate to me. Just as I’m starting to accept that it’s actually autumn, the trees are already looking near skeletal. In two weeks we’ve gone from the Day #245 photo to today’s one.

I was putting away the stroller in the shed at our creche the other day and noticed a plant growing out from the wall, some of its leaves fading to yellow. I remembered the plant from a photograph I took in the spring and out of curiosity I dug it out. The one on the left was taken at the end of May, and the one on the right was taken this morning.

Winter Is Coming, my friends. Pretty soon it will be time to Fall Back and The Mister and I will be cursing our toddler waking up an hour earlier than necessary.

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