Day #298 Trial by haircut

Today’s parenting lesson: it’s harder to cut a three year old’s hair than a two year old’s hair. Example A above – I didn’t choose to do this while sitting cross-legged on the floor of the kitchen with the kid in my lap, fully dressed, because in thought it would be comfortable. Let’s just chalk it up as another one of those “do what you gotta do” parenting moments. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even think we’d get as far as actually trimming his hair since he had a meltdown when we first turned the trimmers on. I had merely resorted to YouTube as a way of calming him down (ok, and maybe showing him haircut videos from Sesame Street and the like) but I hadn’t expected him to agree to let me try trimming his hair following the earlier demonstration of tears. So when he did agree I was rather stuck as I was, having to seize the moment.

He was very good, if a bit sullen, throughout the haircut, but the bath after cheered him up, as did some TV in his PJ’s. He’s once again looking like a wee little hoodlum with his close cropped hair but it’ll have grown out again before I know it.


  1. You’re brave. I always took my daughter TOm the kids cuts to get a haircut

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    1. The advantage with a boy is that he just gets #4 trim all over. It was easier when he was smaller. I’m not a fan of long curly hair on boys and his hair grows quick and starts to curl so we’ve been doing this ourselves since he was a baby. We used to do it with him sitting in his empty baby bath but he’s too big for that now. Much more challenging!

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      1. Oh…..I give you credit. If you can cut his hair without cutting off his ears, you are a goddess


      2. We discovered about a day later that there’s a row of hair on the very back of his head that got overlooked by the trimmers and sticks up somewhat and every time I am torn between laughing and reaching for the scissors. But for the most part it works out ok. Safety tips on the trimmers! I just have to make sure not to poke his ear with them. He’s not a fan of that.

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