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Day #288 Bubbles

There’s too much going on, too much to do, too much work and generally not enough sleep. So instead of a proper post,  I dug out an older video I forgot to post on my Facebook back in September when I first filmed it. It was a relatively cold yet clear day and Nana brought…

Day #283 Birthdays

When our son was born I looked up at my husband and said “happy belated birthday, dear. I got you a baby.” I mean, let’s be honest – I had a lot on my mind that year and didn’t quite get around to organising a proper birthday present. With only days apart, mid-October is therefore…

Day #270 Daddysaur Magic*

I never get tired of watching The Mister play with Hawkeye. I always knew he would make a good father. I had plenty of time to observe him with small kids and he always seemed at ease with them – something I often envied. I am not, by nature, a baby person. I don’t relate well…

I was discussing my post on my childhood memories of Russia with my mother the other day when she said to me "I have no recollection of Mama cutting up brown paper to use in the bathroom. Are you sure it was brown paper?"

"Yes," I replied. "It's one of my most vivid memories."

"Strange," my mum said. "I remember her singing while cooking, and sitting at the sewing machine, but not this."

"But surely you remember extended periods of not having any actual toilet paper available, right?"

"Oh, yes!" she assured me. "That was definitely the case, especially toward the end when we were there, it was very hard to get toilet paper anywhere. In fact, toilet paper was considered the best gift you could bring with you to a dinner party at that time. Much more appreciated than alcohol or cake!"

Postscript for Day #255 “Childhood Nostalgia”

Day #200 Ch-ch-ch-changes

I can’t get enough of watching my husband and my son from behind, walking hand in hand. If they’re walking, I marvel at the fact that these are both mine. My boys. If Hawkeye is running after daddy, then he is still running with that awkward, uneven (and so adorable) toddler gait with his arms…