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Day #355 Christmas Day

Christmas day is for staying in your pajamas, watching your kid enthusiastically open presents and stare in wonder at the empty glass of milk and remaining cookie crumbs from Santa’s offering, and relaxing with family and cozy blankets.

Day #354 Waiting for Santa

Whatever my own misgivings about pushing the Santa myth on my kid (and I have loads) it’s difficult to deny the excitement and anticipation now that my three year old can grasp the vague idea of Santa. I have strong feelings about the obsessive connection between Santa and presents in Ireland. It borders on crass…

Day #353 The night before the night before Christmas

Holidays are now official. We’re chilling in Nana’s house. Presents are (mostly) wrapped and under the tree. Other family members and friends are dropping by for a visit. One of the things and parenting in a culture that is different from the one in which I grew up is that I get to experience some…