Day #240 Stick Man

Hello, Internet. Meet Stick. Stick, this is Internet.

Stick is our new obsession. Hawkeye’s forever picking out a stick whenever we go to places like a park or a garden and then spends the rest of the time waving it around and turning it into all sorts of imaginary props. The trick for us, most of the the time, is getting him to let go of the stick before coming home.

“Sticks live outside” I tell him often. Usually a distraction, or the promise of something better at home, does the trick.

I’m not quite sure how this stick came to be in the house, but unlike all the sticks that came before, this one has staying power. It has caused more than one tantrum already, simply by the virtue of being left behind on the floor one morning instead of coming to creche. Today, Stick did come to creche in place of a toy for circle time. It is now residing in my husband’s coat pocket in the hopes that, perhaps, the fickle love of a toddler will have moved on to… less pointy objects.

Incidentally, in the usual toddler fashion, Hawkeye has once again begun branching out slowly from constant repeats of “Elsa” (or “Frozen Fractals”). His latest animated favourite is, coincidentally, also based on a book by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the creators of The Gruffalo.

It’s happens to be called Stick Man.

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