Day #198 The burden of being right

You can try to stop adulting for a bit, but you actually can’t stop parenting.

~ The Feathered Rose Day #197

I said that in yesterday’s post. I also said that this is when a partner can step in and take over for a while to give you a chance to recover.

I had cause to reflect on these words last night, over and over and over and over and over, while bent over the bath tub hosing down endless piles of bed linens. You see, sometimes your partner can step in and take over parenting to give you a break, but sometimes there’s an event that requires all hands on deck. Your toddler vomiting all over the bed in the middle of the night, twice, is one of those events.

So I didn’t quite get that luxury of a good night’s sleep. Instead, I spent about two hours washing or rinsing things in the bath tub and organising laundry:

  • 1 king size duvet (two ends of it)
  • 1 duvet cover
  • 2 mattress protectors
  • 2 bed sheets
  • 2 giraffes
  • 1 irreplaceable handmade quilted baby blanket
  • 2 pillows
  • 5 pillow cases (I usually have double pillow cases on our pillows, and one also had a memory foam protective slip)
  • 2 pyjama bottoms
  • 2 pyjama tops
  • 1 kitchen towel
  • several muslins

So I had plenty of time to muse on the appropriateness of my own words and laugh at the ironic and impeccable sense of my son’s timing (he vomited a second time literally as soon as we finished putting clean linens on the bed).

And as I drifted off to sleep, curled up with my husband under the spare single-size duvet, both of us sharing one pillow, I thought to my self: man, it sucks being proven right sometimes.

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