Day #197 Luxury and gratitude

I won’t lie, the last thirty six hours have been a bit on the rough side. I’m not saying they were bad. Life isn’t meant to be easy all the time. Good things sometimes require some stress and angst before they can be enjoyed properly. So yes, there was stress, and frustration, and gnashing of teeth. There were very frustrating things going on at work, there were stressful things happening outside of work, and by the end of today I was ready to tip over from exhaustion and burst into tears. Not because I have much to cry over but because I just wanted to call it quits, crawl under the blanket, and stop adulting for a night.

Sadly, you can try to stop adulting for a bit, but you actually can’t stop parenting. Happily, if you’ve a partner supporting you then sometimes you can pull that metaphorical emergency brake, throw your hands up, and admit that you’ve reach the end of the line and you need to be relieved.

Before having a baby, throwing the odd pity party was relatively easy. Since having a baby though, I’ve discovered how much of an absolute freakin’ luxury it is to have someone in your life that lets you be able to do that from time to time.

And on that note, having cashed in one of my “get out adulting for the evening” card I’m going to follow up with an absurdly early bedtime.

G’night y’all.

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