Day #287 Homicide biscuits

Halloween is around the corner and the decorations, pumpkins, costumes, spiderwebs, and all sorts of other spooky things are going up thick and fast.

Our office canteen got in on the action this year with home made baked goodies. There were Bat Brownies, Peanut Butter Spider Cookies, and my absolute favourites – Homicide Biscuits. The chef makes some pretty mean cookies and I always struggle to resist buying them (I don’t always succeed).

When I saw the Homicide Biscuits I had to tell the chef about my own experience with gingerbread men massacres since becoming a parent. (See my post on Day #252 The Great Mystery of Parenthood).

You see, Hawkeye used to have deliberate habit whenever he ate the gingerbread man biscuits. First, he would always bite off the head (he still does this). Then he would begin to go in a circle by first nibbling off one arm, then one leg, then the second leg, before finishing off the last limb. He would then chow down on the remaining torso with gusto and demand more.

The chef looked positively horrified when I described this to her, until I clarified that my son had just turned three. This apparently excuses any and all pastrycide crimes.

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