#394 Sick day, the third (12)


This is how I’m usually greeted when I collect Hawkeye from creche at the end of the day, accompanied by a dash at top speed and a crushing bear hug. Lately, I’ve taken to preemptively dropping down to one knee and bracing myself for the onslaught.

Some things are predictable, you see.

“Let’s go get our train. Daddy is not home tonight so it will be just you and me, buddy!”

“Does that mean we’re having meatballs for dinner?”

See? My four year old has also learned that some things are predictable. Mommy doesn’t cook, so when Daddy is out, mommy resorts to something she can stick in the microwave. Like IKEA meatballs (that’s ALLEMANSRÄTTEN for all you IKEA fans).

Trepidation at returning to work after sick leave? That’s also predictable. My stubborn refusal to contemplate not returning to work for the rest of the week because I’m still a bit under the weather? Yes, that’s also predictable. But life can get boring really fast this way so sometimes you just have to mix it up and surprise people. Have some fun. Live dangerously.

So tonight we had Chinese takeaway.

Man, that kid really needs a haircut. We’ve been busy. Busy being sick. 

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