#438 Seashells by the Seashore

This is going to be part of a series of learning at home with Hawkeye during the global coronavirus pandemic

Hawkeye: On Sunday Mommy and Daddy and me (but not Mr. Darcy our cat) went to the beach.

(Mommy: We were responsible and socially distant from everyone else.)

Hawkeye: On the beach we collected shells. Lots and lots of shells! There were lots of rocks. I was using my shovel to dig under rocks to find shells but all I found was water. The shells were lying around on top of the sand, which was muddy.  We put all the shells in my Paw Patrol bucket. They were very messy and covered in sand and mud. Mommy brought home rocks.

Then we went to the park.

(Mommy: again, we were socially distant! It was a bit harder but we stayed off the beaten path.)

Hawkeye: At the park we found holes. There was a pond with ducks. And we saw people riding on bikes. And we saw other people but we stayed away from them.

The next day (Mommy: on Monday) we took out all the shells and cleaned them with water. We took a box lid and put a towel on top of the lid and we washed the shells with old toothbrushes and stuff and put them on top of the towel to dry.

Then we counted the shells. There were 59!

(Mommy: For the sake of accuracy, we decided in advance that the bivalve shells that were still attached counted as one shell.)

Then today, Mommy told me what the shells were called (Mommy: rough guess, based on absolutely no knowledge of seashells whatsoever.) and then I gave them names.

Then we used the shells to practice counting and writing numbers.

And then we painted some shells!

We also found an interesting looking beetle in our garden! Mommy took a photograph and found out his name: a Hawthorn Shieldbug!

(Mommy was very brave, managing to get the bug on a stick and taking a picture, instead of screaming and running away , which is what she wanted to do.)

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