Day #344 A rainy metaphor

If this photo isn’t a metaphor for childhood, I don’t know what is. Just look at him, all bundled up cozy and warm and dry in his little bubble of innocence and love, safe and protected from the miserable outside world, and yet curious about what lies beyond at the same time, poking at the raindrops clinging to the other  other side of the rain cover to see what they will do without fear of consequence of them falling all over him and making him wet. Meanwhile the rest of us trudge through the cold and wet inhospitable adult world, trying to navigate the chaos and the unfriendliness or the sheer apathy of the universe to your needs and wants and your very existence, all the while wishing you could just curl up into a little warm, cozy ball and pretend there’s nothing unpleasant or scary outside.

Yes, I’m tired and it’s been a long week. Why do you ask?

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