Day #358 Better late than never

I finished it! Wooohooo! Finally!

Since Hawkeye was born, my crafting has completely come to a stand still. No work with beads, no weaving on the loom, and almost no knitting, the easiest and most portable of all the crafts. I just don’t have the energy. Not even just physical energy, but the mental energy at the end of the day.

I started this little cowl project for Hawkeye back in October of 2015, knowing full well that I wouldn’t finish it in time for that winter. I purposefully sized it up for the following year. By the time winter of 2016 rolled around, I only had about an inch of ribbing left to do and numerous loose ends to weave in. I should have finished it then. I had the time. But I didn’t have the inclination. The project languished, picked up occasionally for one or two rows. It was only this autumn that I finally got annoyed with myself and became determined to finish it so that he could get at least one winter’s use out the damn thing.

Of course, finishing the cowl was not the last obstacle. No… the last and most formidable obstacle to creating anything for a three year old is discovering whether or not they’re willing to wear it. I had fully prepared myself for total rejection. Just to soften the bow, y’know?

But kids do find a way of continually surprising you. Hawkeye took to it with glee. He posed for some photos, demanded to look at them, then pulled up his shoulders to his ears and curled up his arms with a huge smile giggling “it’s so cute” at the same time. The cowl perfectly covers that exposed area of his neck between his hat and the top of his coat and the finishing of it coincided perfectly with the temperatures plunging to below freezing.

Now… will I be able to go back to the gloves I was knitting for myself two year ago? Hmmm…. I don’t know. I might need to rethink that project and start from scratch.



  1. The gloves pattern is cute! I hope you finish!

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