Day #289 Whiskey

Today’s posht is brougght to you by whishkey. Specifically, whiskey cocktails. We had a Friday night work thingy. A shindig. Hootenanny?

… Wait. Where do the words shindig and hootenanny even come from? I mean, do shins get dug, and hoots nannied? Or does the nanny hoot? I mean, those are some pretty weird words to use for a “social gathering.”

Where was I…. ?

Oh yes, a work social thingy. There was whiskey. And whiskey cocktails. And cocktail sausages. But the sausages didn’t go into the cocktails. They were separate. I mean, that would be kind of gross. Like, a sausage soaked in whiskey might taste good, but whiskey flavoured with sausage wouldn’t, y’know?

Where was I again?

Oh yes, there was also grourmet gormet gourm… fancy pizza with goats cheese and olives an’ stuff. And some desert stuff. Wait no, dessert stuff. Desert stuff is just sand. But I forgot to try the dessert because I was havin gtoo much fun with the whiskey.

I took my last drink back down to my desk to deal with one last (non-work) email and decided I could get used to whiskey cocktails on a Friday night at work. This should be a thing. N-E-way…………….. I had a drink tonight. Well, more than one. To be totally fair, it’s been a long, stressful week, full of big ups and downs and all arounds, and sometimes you just need to stop everything and relax. Have grourmgourmermet fancy pizza. Have a laugh.

And have a drink.

Or many.*


* Many = 3**


** I don’t dr ink often, m’kay?

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