Day #232 Knock! Knock! (the Disney version)

Scene: a child’s bedroom, early in the morning. Mommy is in her dressing gown, perched on the edge of the rocking chair as she helps a young child get dressed. He is very excited about the shirt he just put on. Mommy smiles at him indulgently. Somewhere off stage there is the sound of water being turned on. 

Toddler: “I has a spaceship shirt!”

Mommy: “Yes, honey. You have an awesome spaceship shirt!”

The child gets pensive for a moment, his mood changing like quicksilver.

Toddler: “I wanna talk to Daddy!”

Mommy tries not to look worried at the slightly whiny tone. There’s no time for tantrums or upset this morning. 

Mommy: “Daddy’s in the toilet, honey. We can talk to him in a few minutes.”

Quick as a flash, the toddler turns around and runs out of the room. He pulls up short before the closed bathroom door and knocks. 

Toddler: “Daddy! Daddy!”

Daddy: “Wha…? Huh?”

Mommy: “He wanted to talk to Daddy,” she says as she walks up to stand behind the child.

Daddy: “Okay… Hello, son.”

Toddler: “Daddy! I has a spaceship shirt!”

Daddy: “That’s great!” Daddy’s voice is edged with that tone of forced enthusiasm that can only be made when you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet. 

The child claps his hands in excitement, bouncing on his feet and looking up at mommy. After a few seconds, he knocks on the door again. This time Daddy is a bit more prepared. His voice sounds teasing.

Daddy: “Yeeeeeeees?”

Toddler: “I did a wee wee on the toilet, Daddy!”

Daddy’s voice is suddenly all business and there are sounds of rushed activity. 

Daddy: “You need to do a wee wee on the toilet?”

Toddler: “No! I did a wee wee on the toilet!” he explains again patiently. He turns to Mama and repeats: “I did a wee wee on the toilet!”

Daddy’s voice is relaxed again. The sounds of rushed movements stop.

Daddy: “That’s right, you did. You did very well.”

The toddler is quiet for a few moments but his excitement is still present. Then he knocks on the door again.

Toddler: “Daddy! Daddy!”

Daddy: “Yeeeeees?”

There’s a perfectly-timed pause as if the child waits for the world to have his complete attention before he lowers his voice to a more hushed, conspiratorial tone.

Toddler: “Do you want to build a snow man?”

I would like to thank Disney from the bottom of my heart for teaching my toddler to knock first on closed doors. 

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