Day #195 “Do you feel that?”

If you’re hypermobile, chances are you’ve had a conversation like this with a physio at least once in your life:

Physio: “Ok, for hip flexor stretches, you can put your right foot forward, left knee on the mat, left hand up, now lean forward, don’t curve your back… that’s perfect. Do you feel that?”

Me: “Not really…” *leans forward some more*

Physio: “Oh yeah… you really are flexible. Do you feel that now in the hip?” *corrects posture very slightly*

Me; “Uh… maybe slightly? I mean, this is only about two thirds of my maximum range for a stretch like this.” *leans all the way forward*

Physio: “Ok… well… yeah…” *scratches head* “if you get this far you can also try instead to reach back and grab hold of your foot…”

Me: “Oh you mean like this? Yeah, now I feel that.”

Feature image borrowed from Yuri Elkaim 

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