#392 Sick day (10)

I am officially off sick for three days. I got up early this morning to take His Highness the Wee Beastie Hawkeye to creche, because I have to, and promptly dragged my sorry self over to my doctor’s office for the paperwork, where we once again haggled over the length of my sick cert. He said three days, I argued for two, and in the end I got a cert for three because he had his serious face on. Last time I got my way, but this time he wasn’t budging. Yes folks, this is me and my doctor. I like him a lot. He’s funny and a little bit sarcastic and he actually listens to what his patients have to say and I’m not about to let something as little as moving half way across the city stop me from continuing his services. Plus, he’s great with kids.

Anyway, I digress. The unfortunate situation of our current work commutes, at least until Hawkeye goes to Big School next year, is that The Mister is unable to take him to creche or collect him without significantly shortening his work day, whereas I still work a stone’s throw away. So short of breaking my leg or being insensibly delirious or in a coma, the creche runs are my gig.

My only other accomplishment of the day involved coming home and hanging up the holiday wreath on the front door. Oh, and shopping for Christmas lights for the window online. Seriously strenuous! Well, in truth I did have to take pliers to the wreath hook – a cheap piece of metal I got for a euro whose design bore no relationship to the reality of the way modern exterior doors are shaped. I’m sure I made quite a sight periodically opening the front door in a pair of warm winter slippers, sweat pants, and a bathrobe to measure the progress of my work against the door, but the end result was worth it and if my neighbours think I’m eccentric, well…. I am.

Also, I learned today that caffeine stimulates mucus production in the sinuses, which is why I sometimes go through phases of having massive sneezing fits after drinking a cappuccino, or even a cup of tea, first thing in the morning. Sometimes you learn the *achoooooo* darnedest things when you least expect to.

Someone, please pass me the box of tissues…


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