Day #175 Misery loves company

I posted the following earlier on Facebook this week:

“They say misery loves company, so that might explain why the whole household is now on antibiotics.”

Yeah, if you haven’t already figured it out from yesterday’s post, it hasn’t been a stellar couple of weeks for the three of us:

  • at least 1 viral infection
  • 3 chest infections
  • 2 eye infections (and not even the same kind!)
  • 1 ear infection
  • 4 courses of oral antibiotics
  • 3 courses of antibacterial eye drops
  • 1 course of antibacterial ear drops
  • 1 inhaler
  • codeine to keep me from coughing up my stomach

The toddler is probably the healthiest of all of us now, and he blessed us with three whole consecutive nights of sleeping in his own bed all the way through to the morning. I can’t tell you what a luxury it is to be able to sleep without a toddler’s butt on your face and a heel in your ear.

The Mister is somewhat poorly at the moment, while I’m hanging in there stubbornly determined that if I work enough I won’t have time to be sick, because work is too mental and hectic right now and I just don’t have time for inconveniences like that right now.

Mister: “What was that noise?”

Me: “Oh that was the cat sneezing.”

Mister “Well that’s just fantastic.”

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