Day #162 Sing with me, baby

Some of you might recall the unavailability of Hawkeye’s Captain America trousers during my mad rush to locate a superhero costume a few weeks ago. Since then the trousers did eventually get laundered and I put them on Hawkeye today as they were light enough for the weather forecast and were the closest to hand in his closet. They’re not really an imitation of Cap’s uniform the way the accompanying shirt is. They’re simply blue with a small Captain America shield located at the ankle of one leg. And if there’s one thing that Hawkeye really likes, other than dinosaurs and monkeys, it’s STARS.

Which is how I came to get the following text around 6pm this evening when the Mister was collecting Hawkeye:

“When I put Hawkeye into the stroller he spotted the Captain America shield on his leg, and pulled up his foot so he could spend half the journey home singing Twinkle-Twinkle to the star. It honestly looked like he was using his shoe as a microphone.”

So I’ll leave you with that image this evening.


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