Day #139 A sign of things to come

Yes, it’s flowers again. One of the more interesting things I’ve noticed since accidentally starting this side photo project is how the flowers and gardens are changing on an almost daily basis as I keep walking back and forth along the same stretch of street. Some flowers stay bright and colourful for weeks on end while others burst forth into a glorious explosion of petals and then wilt almost as quickly as they appeared. At the end of last week I was photographing red roses in the garden next to Juniors.* There were a couple of large, well formed roses. This morning there were more than a dozen. There were new fascinating flowers for which I have no name. There were new roses of different colours. There were flowers I’ve already photographed before but in new places or which I was able to see in a different perspective.

And finally, in what I desperately hope is a sign of things to come, there were these big buds in the late Dr Hussey’s front garden. I fervently hope that these are the giant daisies on their way to blooming soon. I have no idea what is going to happen to the house now that the occupant has passed away, but I do hope that, for at least one more season, her gardening efforts from while she was alive get a chance to cheer up the hundreds of people that walk by her house every day.

*I have a confession to make. It turns out I haven’t been entirely accurate in referring to this project as the landscaping of “Shelbourne Road”. While many of the photos (and certainly all the early ones) are actually from the front gardens of houses in Shelbourne Road, some of the later one are actually from a stretch of street on the next block that is, strictly speaking, Upper Grand Canal Street. For the sake of accuracy, I feel compelled to confess my oversight. However, I am not going to change the title of my portfolio as that would just be too much of a mouthful. Call it artistic licence.

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