Day #235 Why? Why? Why?


This was my facebook post this morning. It’s pretty self explanatory. The Mister apparently noticed this development earlier this week, whereas I thought I heard the dreaded word yesterday, but it was this morning that Hawkeye showcased it to me in full glory.

Daddy: “You’re walking very slowly today, why don’t we go faster?”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because we’re in a hurry.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because we need to get to the restaurant.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because we’re hungry, that’s why!”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because some of us haven’t eaten yet.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because ….. ugh. Nevermind. We are going to go meet Nana.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “What do you mean, ‘why’? Don’t you want to go see Nana?”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because we told Nana that we would go meet her.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because… Why not?”

Toddler: “Why?

Daddy: “Because.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Daddy: “Gah!”

Toddler: “Why?”

Mommy: “Honey, sometimes things just are. There is not always a reason for them.”

Toddler: “Oooh, raisins! I like raisins!”


The kid had enough patience and concentration to help me assemble a 100 piece Frozen jigsaw puzzle today that’s meant to be for ages 6 and up. So sue me, I sometimes forget he’s not even three yet and might not actually know the meaning of all the words I say, like “reason”.

Why this particular feature photo? Because. 


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