Day #128 Assembling bit by bit

IMG_20170508_221814A while back, before this blog began, I posted about a trip to IKEA for day #94 of the original #100happydays challenge. The shopping trip was a part of a big reorganisation of a section of our living room to create more shelving and storage space and essentially partition the room into two distinct areas: a living room and a home office. One nice bonus has been a better ability to display the nicer and larger volumes of books we have that do not necessarily fit well on ordinary shelves.

I did not post a follow up of the assembled corner because the minute reorganisation of books and other miscellaneous items is not yet complete ad the inserts for the Kallax shelves have not been installed. One reason is that we’re harried parents. Another reason is that we needed some time to recover – the three Kallax shelving units themselves were assembled in a single heroic go by my husband, but he then spent the next week and a half regaining the use of his arms. There was no hurry to repeat the experience. When the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself to do more work on the project, we stuck to a modest goal: assemble and install just one insert. So we now have drawers to tidy away small bits and pieces floating around the surface.

Big ideas. Small steps!

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