Day #100 One’s house to oneself

There’s a line in the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice where, following the removal of the Bennett sisters from Netherfield after Jane’s illness, the delightfully snooty Caroline Bingley exclaims “How pleasant it is to have one’s house to oneself again!” I am sure that people who have had their houses packed to the rafters with visitors would understand the sentiment, however I don’t often encounter it myself personally. Since we lost our guest bedroom on Hawkeye’s arrival, the only people crashing on our couch have either been good friends or family who have come to help give us some time off from being parents. With no guest bedroom and only one bathroom I will admit sometimes it can feel overcrowded but I’m never usually in a hurry for people to leave.

I was definitely not in a hurry for mum to fly back to the States, but she did go back this morning. She often laments that she lives too far away to be able to give us steady assistance, so it felt like she was determined to pack a year’s worth of help into two weeks. At the end of this evening I looked at my husband and exclaimed (only half-jokingly) “Wait a minute, so now we have to entertain the toddler, take him to creche, feed him, change him, cook, clean, AND do the laundry?” Because she really did try to do all of that while she was here and wow I really didn’t thank her enough for any of it. Also, I really don’t get tired of her going on and on about how awesome Hawkeye is. I mean, he’s my kid, you know? You can keep telling me that stuff all day.

So am I thankful to have my house back to myself again? Eh, not especially. But there is one thing I am grateful to have back.

My slippers.

Mum borrowed them for the whole two weeks that she was here and I have missed them every. single. day.

So you know what I say to Miss Bingley? “How pleasant it is to have one’s slippers to oneself again!”

This was originally written and posted on Instagram on 13 April 2017 and has been backdated to this blog

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