#401 Santa, baby (19)

We were in Tesco doing a very quick grocery shop for dinner on Sunday. A quick in and out. Didn’t even take a trolley, just a wire basket. Honest. So picking up a Santa dress in their seasonal clothes was one of the biggest unexpected impulse buys I’ve had in a while. I saw it in passing and literally did a double take, imagining myself wearing it with black leggings on the day of our secret Santa exchange.

So I indulged myself and I bought it. And you know what? I had SO. MUCH. FUN. People smiled. Or laughed. Or went “Oh my god, Rose, WHAT are you wearing?” It’s busy and everyone is anxious to finish up as much work as possible in the next couple of days so it’s nice to see someone look up and spot you and smile because they’re surprised to see someone in a Santa dress in a law office. It made me happy.

Also, I learned that bright red lipstick is so high maintenance. It has to be reapplied all the time. I mean, like, constantly. O.M.G.

The funniest thing though was a cultural / language barrier faux pas. I’m pretty sure the lady making my coffee wasn’t trying to be smart or strange or obnoxious. Hell, I know myself that in Russia we had different names for Santa and reindeer weren’t really a feature at all and when you move to a new place and have to learn a new language these things can get confusing. That’s why when she asked me “Are you Rudolph’s wife?” I didn’t get offended. I did however laugh so hard I nearly cried. The chef, on the other hand, was horrified, corrected her quickly, and walked away muttering something about the home farm.

So, Santa baby, I’ve been awfully good. Please slip some more time to sleep for me under the tree, and hurry down the chimney tonight… 

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  1. Just Rudolph’s caretaker, probably. 😀

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