Day #326 “Innocence tube”

The Mister doesn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I do, but when he does they’re usually excellent. He has a knack for capturing the truly funny side of parenting. This was a photograph he took while I was out of the house yesterday. I thought it was an excellent composition.

Our  friends, however, thought it was an excellent joke. What can I say – I married into a den of nerddom and geekery. Most  people here that I have the privilege to call friends have a unique perspective on things that never fails to amuse me.

“Looks a little of gruesome, actually.”

“He’s a bit young to be practicing how to stash dead bodies, isn’t he?”

“That should be captioned ‘welcome to my murderhole.'”

But of course the best one was the Mr. Burns Simpsons reference:

“What are you doing in my corpse hatch?! Oh… did I say ‘corpse hatch’? I ‘meant innocence tube!'”


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