Day #244 Gone batty

One last snippet from the weekend zoo trip.

We paid our  customary trip to the gift shop to see what small animal we could add to Hawkeye’s collection. Normally I don’t bring him with me to avoid the begging and the inevitable tears and tantrums. He’s too young yet to understand why he can’t have everything he points to. But this time he was still in the sling on my back so with some trepidation I ventured into the shop with him.

We managed to emerge relatively unscathed, clutching our newest member of Hawkeye’s animal family. Meet Batty, the bat. Hawkeye was very excited about Batty and proceeded to make him fly as much as possible, sometimes with a look of fierce concentration. But since he was still on my back, the result ended up looking more like we were being attacked by a winged creature.

Here’s Batty in action:

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