Day #226 The Almost-Threenager

You hear a lot about The Dreaded Terrible Twos, even if you’re childless and generally have little exposure to small people. However, it wasn’t until after Hawkeye was born that I ever heard of The Threenage Years.

The description I heard was in a tweet, which, sadly, I can no longer locate so I can’t credit it properly, but essentially it described the Threenage phase as being just like the Terrible Twos, only with a finely honed vocabulary.

At the time I first read that, I couldn’t imagine my son making complete sentences. Fast forward several months however, and I can well believe that we are on the cusp of this happening. He gets moody, easily upset, and is not afraid to give us a piece of his mind. Sometimes in complete gibberish but other times in surprisingly well articulated statements.

And if you’re wondering what he’s watching, he asked for “Frozen Fractals”. Seriously.

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