Day #213 Oh no, not more days of the week!

We overnighted at Nana’s last night before we continue on into the west of Ireland later today, and as I was repacking a few bits this morning I came across the pack of Hawkeye’s underwear and remembered that I meant to have a little rant about these.

The Mister swears he hadn’t noticed when he picked these up but I think he’s pulling my leg.

Oh for f*ck’s sake! I thought when I opened up the packet and saw what was on them. Not MORE days of the week!

Because seriously, if my toddler could read he would not only insist that we make his socks match the days of the week, but he’d want his underpants to match his socks.

And if any of you are wondering where the “Monday” underpants went, they very rightfully got pooped on.

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