Day #134 The Intentional and Unintentional Landscaping of Shelbourne Road, Part III

I was honestly looking for something, anything, else to post today. Who knows, maybe I’ll go and have a fabulous yoga class this evening that I should have written about instead. However, the day was kind of crappy and stressful in small but annoying ways and the most cheerful part of that was once again slowly meandering down Shelbourne Road to work, looking at what flowers are blooming that I may have missed on previous occasions. It was peaceful and relaxing and pretty much the opposite of the rest of my day.

I probably looked utterly bizarre, dodging the rushing commuters in their business suits and headphones, while I slowly meandered down the street in my sporty clothes, phone in hand, taking pictures. I decided though that I didn’t particularly care and spent at least several minutes carefully trying to get shot for the featured photograph in this post, which I’ve decided to call “It’s OK to stick out and be different”.

Anyone who wants to identify the flowers and various other plants I have collected in this ever-growing portfolio, feel free to contact me or comment.

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