Day #133 The Intentional and Unintentional Landscaping of Shelbourne Road, Part II

I didn’t intend to turn this into an ongoing project, but hey, what’s another thing in my life that turns into a Thing of its own accord?

I find myself, this spring, fascinated more than usual by the gardens and flowers that I pass by on a daily basis on my short commute. I mean, I always love spring and summer best of all, and there’s always that sense of renewal and uplifting that warmer weather and longer-lasting daylight (and sunshine! oh glorious sunshine!) bring with them. However, thanks in part to the original Instagram photo challenge and then this blog, I have been spending much more time trying to see the objects around me as compositions.

Today, I went by a stretch of Shelbourne Road I am not on as often and it’s the first time this year I’ve had a chance to see it in full bloom, although there was already evidence of some of the early spring flowers withering to give way to summer growth.

What really struck me though was finding bright and vibrant leaves and flowers next to a patch of dried foliage from the previous season and I loved seeing the contrast come together. It can be a metaphor for so many things in life, but I’m not going to try and articulate and particular one here today. I’ll leave it for your own imagination. I’m just going to enjoy the flowers and the sunshine.

However, this is a good place as any to introduce a new page to my blog which will house my collections (also located in the main menu above). In the future, this may house photographs of my various crafting projects, and perhaps I may migrate our Facebook photo album of all the Lego creations my husband and I make with our son. In the meantime though, since I now have multiple posts about gardening photography (with at least one more planned for the future), the seems like  good topic as any to turn into a collection.

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