Day #120 Back on the horse (metaphorically) with only a small snag (literally)

It’s been a little over a month since I fell out of a bus and seriously sprained my ankle. I have not been completely idle, but I have not been to yoga since the accident and today was the first day I went back to my yoga class to get back on the horse, so to speak.

In fact, I got back onto two horses because I not only went to yoga but I took a Dublin Bike to get there, cycling for the first time since the accident, and in fact for the first time in a while since I didn’t use the bikes much over the winter.

Expect complaints of being saddle sore tomorrow.

Both of these things are very exciting for me because I NEED to be active. It clears the head and generally makes me feel better even if it’s not strenuous exercise. And yoga specifically keeps helps keep the lower back pain away. Basically no yoga for six weeks makes me cranky and sore.

The bike ride was a bit chancing my arm. To be totally honest, I actually did spend about 30 seconds on a bike earlier this week coasting to my physio appointment down the street just to see if I could do it and while it didn’t hurt I didn’t feel particularly stable, but I strapped the ankle up and in the end had no issues.

I did, however, manage to rip my Victoria Secret leggings getting up on the damn thing and this was not an optimistic start to the evening. Getting comfortable leggings and yoga pants is HARD and I was really happy with these. Now I have to add sewing to my weekend to do list. It is fixable, even if my sewing skills aren’t great, and I was trying to not feel too upset by the snare, but then half way up Dame Street a piece of paper flew out of my handbag and landed in the middle of the busy street. So aside from cursing the tear in my leggings I was now trying to chase a piece of paper which the wind kept pushing away from me until it was smack in the middle of the road. So there I was on the sidewalk trying to balance the bike on the stand (it didn’t want to stay upright) while trying to not let the folded piece of paper out of my sight and decide if I should try to unclip my handbag while I leave the bike on the sidewalk to grab the paper or just leave it attached to the basket and hope nobody came along to just take the whole bike and bag while I was in the middle of the street. Did I mention I was also running late at this point? Frankly nothing was going my way until  I saw that an older gentleman very calmly and slowly strolled out all the way into the middle of the street during a break in the traffic, picked up my paper, and calmly strolled back handing it over to me.  exercise

I’ll be totally honest, it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings and I thanked him profusely. Everything else suddenly seemed less important. I made it to class on time. I relaxed. I stretched. I managed the downward dogs and the planks and while I avoided some of the more adventurous poses our instructor decided to try today (sorry, Kate, no Wild Thing for me for a while, I suspect!), I still got a good workout for the first time in a while and while I’m still annoyed at myself, I’m a lot more philosophical about having to stitch up my leggings this weekend. They won’t be as pretty but they’ll still be usable. You know what, it’s ok and there are really nice total strangers out there. Life’s pretty ok!

I just have to go find my sewing kit …


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