Day #211 Go Dark – T minus 1 day

I’m in the middle of the pre-holiday frazzle. When you’re pulling out everything you need to pack but haven’t actually packed it yet and you’re not yet organised enough to feel like you’re on top of everything even though you’re making lists and you’ve done this loads of times before. That frazzle. It’s late and I’m tired and half of what I need to pack is in the sleeping toddler’s room so it’s a haphazard effort at best. The idea is to pack as much as possible tonight to get ready to go quickly tomorrow evening.

Which leads me to the next bit of news – we are off on holidays to some wild part of Ireland that only has scraps of internet that you might or might not get through wi-fi in the local pub. There will be no internet where we’re staying and our itinerary there is uncertain.

If I had been super organised, I would have been able to write seven or eight posts in advance and schedule them to post daily to stick to my schedule. Unfortunately, I’m not that organised. Instead the plan is to write daily as normal, but posting online may or may not happen depending on circumstances. Days #13 to #21 might be posted in one go or sporadically as my internet access permits.

Just one more day of work to get through first…

Today’s featured photo is actually an old, old one that I took a number of years ago while on holiday down in Co. Kerry. It’s the dunes on Inch Beach. 


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