Day #118 Pride Rock gets a Lego makeover

My husband is eagerly awaiting the day he can pull out all of his old Lego from the attic and introduce them to Hawkeye. In the meantime, he’s enjoying constructing bizarre and//or awesome creations with our accumulated store of Duplo. I love seeing what sort of inventions he comes up with and I already have a full photo album of various inventive pieces he constructed for our son before they get deconstructed. These include a guitar, a giant crocodile, and a rocket launch pad, amongst others.

Today I left the boys at home for nap time while I went out to enjoy a girly lunch with my visiting friend. We came back to find the two of them on the floor of the living room with this creation: A mobile castle for The Lion King that is made up of four interlocking smaller vehicles that can come apart or be put together into one giant Mad Max-esque moving fortress. Since a large part of our Duplo comes from a zoo set animals frequently feature in our current creations. We have probably constructed and reconstructed many possible wheeled version of Noah’s ark in the last year.

As always, this apparently started out as a request for a bus (a recurrent theme at the moment). Then Hawkeye picked up the lion and declared that it was The Lion King.

So naturally my husband added crenelations to the “bus” and turned it into a wheeled fortress.


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