Day #105 Auto Awesome


I don’t seem to get tired of taking photos of the Grand Canal Dock. I snapped the photo on top on my way to physio this morning while walking up the back of the Canal basin over the locks. I didn’t really have any special feature in mind but the day was feeling springy and bright even though the temperatures weren’t high and the sky was overcast. A little while later the omnipotent Google notified me that Google Photos had created a special effects version of my photo (called Auto Awesome). I have no idea what guides their algorithm on this. Sometimes it’s stylised colouring, other times it’s a collage of several photos taken code together. This is the second time a Grand Canal photo was turned black and white by Auto Awesome. Sometimes I get little gifs clips of my videos. It’s pretty random but fun.

I’m not the biggest fan of urban cityscape photography but some things always interest me – reflections, interesting architecture, whatever it is this place always draws my eye (and my camera). Even the construction sites on the edges sometimes make for interesting compositions.

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