Day #104 A photo for a photo’s sake

I don’t know if I’ve just never noticed this plant before in our courtyard entrance or if it’s a new landscaping addition. Either way, I noticed the colours coming home today and was intrigued by the image. My husband actually had to pop his head back outside to see if I had gotten lost as I didn’t follow him in.

It made me wonder – if in the original #100happydays challenge the only requirement is to post a daily photo, with no explanation necessary, does that mean that capturing a photograph you’re creatively proud of is, in itself, a happy moment irrespective of the subject of that photograph? I mean, this particular plant on this particular day didn’t fill me with any particular sense of joy over and above whatever I was feeling in the moment when I walked by. But I found the colour contrast of the red-on-green leaves against the light pebbled gravel surface to be appealing and irresistible photo material. I do not consider myself anywhere near a proficient photographer, and my camera phone is far from top notch, but I do love the visually creative aspect often as much as the writing.Initially it was in fact the photography that provided me the greatest positive feedback in the first twenty days or so. It was not until a month had passed and the daily aspect of the challenge became harder that I found the inner reflection on each day become more prominent and assertive in my daily posts.

Update on the blog: it exists! But I need a bit of time to learn how to use it, so it will make a debut when I no longer have things like “insert site name here” and “add description there”. It’s unfortunately eating into my writing time but it’s also something shiny and new to learn.

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