Day #356 The Forest Walk

We went on a bear hunt again today in the Portuma Forest Park. We didn’t find any bears. We did, however, find dinosaurs.

Well, it would be more accurate to say that the dinosaurs came with us.

Santa brought a family of T-rexes and their cousins to Hawkeye. A bunch of fearsome looking creatures with moveable jaws. Hawkeye, of course, loves with with his entire three year old being, so one of them had to come with us on our walk. He chose the Maposaurus, which is apparently a cousin of the T-Rex with a spiky ridge on his back. Having gotten as far as the forest, however, Hawkeye no longer wanted to hold the Maposaurus, so mommy had to devise a solution to keep her hands mostly free to hold on to Hawkeye and occasionally (ok, often) take random photos. It’s far too late in the evening for a full write-up, so this will remain a mostly photographic entry.  I was playing around with colours and texture and just generally goofing off with my phone camera.

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