Day #352 The beginning of the end (of the year)

I finished up work today for the year. A mad rush of last minute things and bills and trying to clear my desk (not very successfully) so that I can come back in January to a cleaner start. Tomorrow we head west to spend the holidays with family. Hawkeye has been learning how to count down “sleeps” until he sees Nana again (one more sleep!) and then immediately forgetting that we can’t go see Nana right this minute. 

Tonight and tomorrow morning is all about packing and worrying about  the things you might forget, and the things you are certain you’re going to forget (you won’t forget them) and obviously the things you definitely cannot forget to pack (you’ll forget those, guaranteed). I don’t know if all parents do this, but the general rule around here is that Hawkeye’s stuff is all packed first, and is usually super organised, followed by a rushed throwing of random items into our own overnight bags.

This, I often feel, is the most exhausting part of the holidays. The getting ready. You cannot yet relax, you are not quite done, but the energy to sustain you that little bit more is starting to flag and you just want to be done with everything. I am definitely oh-so-ready to be done with everything.

It also means the creative juices aren’t really flowing. I have ideas that I have not had time to distill into words but no willpower to do them justice until more rest is had.

So in the absence of any specific topic or theme, I present to you a photo taken about a month ago that I had forgotten to share. Hawkeye is practicing with the light saber at a friend’s house. As you can see, he is a natural. His stance is in perfect alignment. His fingers loose and nimble on the handle of the weapon. And just check out the to tongue action – perfectly synchronised with the movement of the light saber.

He will be a powerful Jedi, my young padawan.



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