Day #335 It’s beginning to smell like Christmas

When I stepped into the first floor landing of our office at the start of lunch today a delicious, delicate, fresh scent was floating up from below. The scent of fresh pine. The smell of winter. I followed my nose down the stairs and into the lobby. Yup. Sure enough there was a brand new Christmas tree in the corner. Already decorated.

One thing I love about my firm is that they get live Christmas trees every year, and don’t just have artificial ones stashed in a storage room somewhere that get dragged out once each year, looking sorrier year on year. I mean, don’t get me wrong – there’s a time and a place for artificial trees. The corner one in our apartment is definitely the right choice for us. But when possible, the idea of a live Christmas tree is simply unbeatable. The next few weeks are going to be a complete madhouse of chaotic days and rushed work, interrupted by breaths of that signature pine smell every time I find myself rushing from building to building. I love it.

 Things I don’t love to spot coming away from my desk at lunch time?

Red crates.

These babies now inspire a Pavlovian response of revolt in nearly everyone in our department at this stage. They are the first major physical herald of a departmental move. I first encountered them in 2008 during an office merger and have reviled them ever since. This is the second time in two years our department is being relocated, although this time we are simply moving one floor up to a newly fitted out floor, rather than moving into a whole new building. However, December just seems to be a slightly daft time to do this given how busy everyone is.

I have taken a sneaky look upstairs today, however, to check out the place and I’m somewhat less anxious about the whole thing. Now if only I could clone myself for the next three days to get all my work AND packing done, that would be great.

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