Day #330 Date night, reprise

I had to look it up in my WordPress archives, but last time The Mister and I went out on a date was day #158.

So… a while ago.

My mother’s visit was meant to herald a wild three weeks of social activity where we would go out to eat a couple of times, go see a movie or two, and catch up generally on toddler-free activities. The plan, as is so often the case, didn’t survive first contact with the enemy. Between illness and accident we have been more housebound than even usual despite having someone around constantly who was happy to divert Hawkeye’s attention.

And now, as mum’s stay here winds down to a close, it looks like we’re not going to make it out to the cinema to see the latest Marvel adventure. But in a fit of desperation, we managed to eke a dinner out this evening to a nearby restaurant. It was in fact almost identical to our first night out after Hawkeye was born, when mum similarly stayed home with the infant and we ventured out to the same (the closest) restaurant and just about managed to squeeze in a dinner between feeding sessions.

This time there was a lot less pressure to run back home in time, though I was conscious that Hawkeye has reverted to waking relatively early in the middle of the night.

So we went out, ate, drank, and toasted to being out, to our adventures, our mothers, and to our son (may he sleep all night in his own bed).

G’night y’all.

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