Day #310 Weather

I went for another late swim tonight. And a dip in the jacuzzi. And some time on the heated lounge chair. And even stuck my face into the sauna for a minute. Then I took a really long shower. I’m actually about to fall asleep on the couch from all that chilling out.

On the way back home though it had been raining and when the nude trees were backlit by the street lamps the rain droplets sparkled and instead of tree limbs, the branches looked like silvery spider webs.

It’s gotten cold. I’ve turned the heat on tonight for the first time. The temperatures have been dropping and there’s a chill warning for this weekend. However that doesn’t begin to compare with the “special weather statement” put out for the Boston area which is expecting bitter cold wind chills. It’s five hours behind us and the temperature there is already -4°C and is expected to drop down to -9°. This is, of course, the same night my mother is due to fly out of Boston for a visit and she just enjoys making a dramatic exit and entrance as far as weather is concerned.

While there are many aspects of the winter season that I do enjoy, the cold and darkness are not those things.

Off to pretend I’m hibernating now.

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