Day #295 The Camel Phone

“Wait I’m confused,” mum said to me in the middle of our conversation this evening. “Why are you ordering a camel for your phone?”

“No, that’s not what I said. I said the camel is holding up my phone until I can get a new case for it, which I just ordered.”

So yes, this is Conor the Camel double-jobbing it by now being a phone holder. My previous phone had a nice chunky case which allowed the phone to balance on its side easily – great for Skype conversations. I’m not sure the case I ordered will be quite so blocky, but it will still have much more grip than the phone itself, so I’ll be able to prop it up against something. Currently, however, the phone is so thin and slippery I’m terrified of dropping it before my new phone case arrives. I might just have to keep it in the Camel’s capable hands… err… legs.


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