Day #291 The unibrow cat

It’s ridiculously hard to casually photograph a black cat really well. They absorb light or else they reflect it. And if they’re not also moving at the same time. So I don’t have too many good pictures of Mr. Darcy, or his ridiculously long whiskers. And even fewer of his unusual single white eyebrow.

However, our relationship is once again flourishing. I previously wrote about  this in my post (the title, “Coming back without ever leaving“, remains as accurate as ever)  and even more so that at that time, Mr Darcy is always hovering around me now, just like he used to before Hawkeye was born. He joins me on the couch. He curls up against my hip on the fleece blanket. He comes over looking for scratches. So I was able to snap a few new images of him the other day.

And yes, he has a single, giant, white eyebrow that I absolutely love in addition to his prominent whiskers. He’s an oddball of a cat. More aloof than most. Not a lap cat. Not for cuddles or brushing. But he’s my own furball and I love him.


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