Day #229 Knock! Knock!

I forgot about this little gem from our holidays. This is not the best recitation Hawkeye has done, but it’s the only one I have on video.

We stop by the library every few weeks to try new books, and the last time I was there I picked up this volume in the hopes of it being helpful to our current endeavour. It’s called Knock! Knock! Who’s there? A Potty Training Picture Book written by Nick Pierce and illustrated by Elissambura. Our habit with this book, whenever Hawkeye insists on us reading it, has become that we will read it to him, and then he will “read” it to himself. He can easily name all the animals but the rest of the lines he either makes up or mixes them around however he wants.

The pages take a toddler’s favourite habit – walking into whoever is in the toilet – and turn it into a series of lessons on bathroom etiquette as you knock on each door and surprise a wild animal on the potty. Naturally, the very first shocked creature,  a sheep, teaches you that you must always remember to knock first before entering the bathroom. The giraffe teaches you to always go to the toilet before bedtime, the hippo always washing his hands after going to the toilet, the fox always remembers to close the door when she’s in the bathroom, and the polar bear always turns the light off when he leaves.

My favourite, however, is the cat who, while ever so modestly posed, reminds you not to fidget on the toilet in case you make a mess.


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